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  • 2017 golf membership, special, 30% off

  • 2017 golf membership, special, 30% off

  • 2017 golf membership, special, 30% off

  • 2017 golf membership, special, 30% off

Ruimsig Country Club

South Africa's Countryside Gem, where everyone is welcome...

Ruimsig Country Club welcomes you to golfing excellence, with our 18 hole championship golf course and social hub to the Westrand Roodepoort/ Ruimsig area.

The ease of access and ample parking with multi-functional venues and clubhouse, easily accommodates 200 people, with cool patios overlooking the golf course, two bars and plentiful open space, Ruimsig Country Club creates a highly sought after venue for corporate and charity golf days or intimate gatherings adaptable to accommodate visitors..

Course Layout

  • Hole 1 - Local Knowledge

    A testing hole requiring an accurate tee shot to a relatively narrow fairway. Avoid the bunker on the right. After a good tee shot you will be left with a short to medium iron for your second. The green which slopes from top to bottom is guarded by a bunker on the left. Try and leave yourself below the hole here.


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 1
  • Hole 2 - Local Knowledge

    A long dog leg left, uphill par 4 - be careful of trying to cut too much off the corner. Your second shot will be played from a lie with the ball above your feet so be sure to aim slightly right to allow for this. The green is large and forgiving however a large bunker short left will penalise a poor approach.


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 2
  • Hole 3 - Local Knowledge

    A short par 4 requiring not more than a 3 wood off the tee for the longer hitter. Fairway bunkers to the right and left must be avoided. Once you have found the fairway you can get agressive with your approach which will be played slightly down hill to a well bunkered green.


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 3
  • Hole 4 - Local Knowledge

    A good drive is required to get you as far down the fairway as possible. AVOID THE DAM ON THE LEFT! From here you have a tough decision to make as taking this small green on for two is a prime example of risk and reward. Should you have a go for the green favour the left half of the green as a hazard to the right awaits any weak shots. If you dont feel you have the distance to get home in two you can lay up leaving yourself a comfortable distance from a flat lie.


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 4
  • Hole 5 - Local Knowledge

    A challenging par 3 requiring a well struck mid to short iron into a fairly large but sloping green guarded by water short of the green and surrounded by mounds which can leave tricky chip shots


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 5
  • Hole 6 - Local Knowledge

    After an intimidating tee shot into a narrow fairway avoiding the 3 fairway bunkers on the right you are left with a mid to short iron played steeply uphill - dont forget to take at least one more club. Another green which slopes significantly from top to bottom......STAY BELOW THE HOLE!


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 6
  • Hole 7 - Local Knowledge

    A long and testing par 3 requiring a long iron or fairway wood to a large green heavily guarded by a series of strategically placed bunkers.


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 7
  • Hole 8 - Local Knowledge

    An accurate tee shot is required with a long iron or fairway wood to a narrow fairway. Longer hitters may be tempted to get as close to the green as possible by selecting driver off the tee. Should you take the gamble a cluster of trees just short of the green must be avoided, also be aware of the out of bounds fence to the left. The smart play is a lay up which will leave a short to medium iron to an elevated green..


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 8
  • Hole 9 - Local Knowledge

    A well-struck driver down the fairway will leave you with an opportunity to carry the fairway bunker and sluit leaving a short chip to the green.


    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 9
  • Hole 10 - Local Knowledge

    Be careful of the out of bounds left and right on this hole. A large bunker to the left of the fairway must be avoided with the tee shot. This will leave you with a long iron or fairway wood to one of the largest greens on the golf course.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 10
  • Hole 11 - Local Knowledge

    What looks to be a stright forward par three can often leave you in a spot of bother. An accurate tee shot is required and ideally you should look to manufacture a high soft landing mid iron shot to a green well guarded by 3 bunkers..

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 11
  • Hole 12 - Local Knowledge

    Aim your drive on the right hand side of the fairway. Out of bounds as well as a water hazard hugs the left hand side of this hole, there is also out of bounds to the right. After negotiating the tee shot you will be left with a shortish iron to a heavily bunkered and sloping green.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 12
  • Hole 13 - Local Knowledge

    Decision time - drivable par 4 but be careful of the dam on the left or play a fairway wood leaving you a very lofted iron for your second shot.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 13
  • Hole 14 - Local Knowledge

    Aim your drive between the fairway mounds. A very long drive will give you the chance to have a go at the green with a fairway wood or play an iron left of the dam and get on safely in 3 shots.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 14
  • Hole 15 - Local Knowledge

    Your drive should be played as close to the fairway bunkers on the left as possible to leave you the perfect angle to the green. The second shot is played ever so slightly uphill to a green protected by deep bunkers to the right.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 15
  • Hole 16 - Local Knowledge

    This is the narrowest fairway on the course. Take a driver or play a fairway wood into the wide section of the fairway - a straight, well judged second is required here. A mishit can leave you with an extreamely lengthy putt where 2 putts will be difficult.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 16
  • Hole 17 - Local Knowledge

    A long par 3 to a large green surrounded by a series of bunkers. Club selection here is vital as from beyond the hole your putt will be very fast.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 17
  • Hole 18 - Local Knowledge

    A fantastic finishing hole - the longer hitter can carry the water on the right offering a chance to reach in two. The shorter hitters must play left and go onto the green for 3. A small green eagerly awaits your approach.

    Ruimsig Country Club - Hole 18
Eugene Vorster17 September 2015
Various reasons could be offered as excuses for bad golf, not the golf course or the weather though! As golfers with disabilities we are blessed in South Africa with the support from so many golf courses. No more so the case with Ruimsig. We were treated like royalty. At our prize giving function the food & beverage staff made us one long table and we had a wonderful time.
Keith McKenzie07 September 2015
Many thanks for putting together the lunch for us on Sunday. The food was excellent which all thirty of the people attending agreed upon.We were also well looked after by the staff. I did pop into the kitchen to say thank you but would be grateful if you would do the same on our behalf as well.
Elaine Griesel11 July 2015
I would like to sincerely thank Ruimsig Country Club on behalf of Pieter and myself, as well as all our guests, for the very pleasant birthday party on Saturday, 11 July 2015.Everyone commented on the well-prepared food and good service.  Thanks to you personally for the professional way you accommodated and treated us before the function. We would also like to mention Christa, Chanel, Precious and the three waiters who were efficient and friendly  throughout the afternoon. Our guests had a good time and it was a very special day for Pieter.We can recommend the venue to anyone!Have a great week and hope to see you again.
Debbie Swanepoel09 June 2015
Thank you for arranging our function. It was successful, food met expectations, service great!!!
Julia Morris09 June 2015
On behalf of everyone at SARDA Gauteng, and the children that we assist, a huge thank you to you and your staff for helping to make our 2015 Golf Day the success that it undoubtedly was.The food was lovely and people were heard to be commenting on how nice it was – so well done!  Thank you also for donating the filter coffee for the High Tea and the Golf Day dinner, which was very much appreciated, and for retaining your sense of humour!!!!All in all the staff were courteous and helpful and any queries or problems that we had during the course of the day were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Thank you again for supporting SARDA Gauteng.
Renette Neethling27 March 2015
This is just to say another BIG thank you for your amazing effort to help make this 21st birthday very special for all of us. Please extend our thanx to all the staff  for their expertise and willingness from beginning to end. All the guests had an amazing time,good food and all of us  enjoyed the professional service provided by RCC.I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and colleagues for any function they might want to host in future.

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