The Tennis Section operates under the constitution of the Ruimsig Country Club with its own set of bylaws, which are available for inspection on request from the manager.  Use of the tennis courts is restricted to members of the Tennis Section.

With this in mind, full details are not incorporated hereunder but the main points are as follows:

Playing Times

Organized play takes place at the following times but courts are open to tennis section members at all times.  Keys to the courts may be collected from the security guards and returned when leaving the club.

            Saturday        13h30 – 17h00

       Tuesday          08h00 – 11h00 by arrangement


During these times doubles matches have preference.


The Tennis Section does not operate within any league currently but this is reviewed at regular intervals.


Members who play regularly during organized play are asked to contribute to the Ball Fund which enables the Committee to buy tennis balls throughout the year.   Should you wish to play outside of organized times then you must supply your own tennis balls.

Dress Code

The preference is for predominantly white recognize tennis gear.  Colored gear is acceptable if it is still recognizable tennis gear but it is not acceptable to play tennis in running shorts nor T-shirts especially emblazoned with “Surfers do it standing up” or similar bits of useful information.

List of Members:

A current list of members and contact numbers is available on request by members of the Tennis Section.        

Chain of Command:

To enable good relations to be maintained between the Tennis Section and the main Executive, it is recommended that any comments regarding the main club or any aspect of any section should be directed through the Captain of the Tennis Section who will take the matters up or report on your behalf to the Executive.


These are permitted but on a discretionary basis. 

Personal Conduct:

Players are expected to behave in an acceptable manner at all times and this will be determined by the Tennis Section Committee.

Club House Dress Regulations:

These appear on the notice board at the Club entrance and may be varied from time to time.

Thank you for joining the Tennis Section and we hope that you enjoy many hours of play.

All suggestions for improving the running of the Tennis Section are welcomed, preferably in writing.

For more information contact: Elaine – 084 307 3555

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